LBX Achilles II

Finished this guy today. As usual, the stickers are beyond poop, but not all of them. Paint up the “gold” parts with gold paint and a clear coat. Painted his shield a light gunmetal I think? But I gave it a flat coat. The stickers for the shield were poop so I didn’t bother, and I didn’t get a chance to paint his spear. Eyes got kinda blurry from staring at small pieces for too long so I’ll clean up the panel lining another day.


misunderstood animatronics are my favourite 5NAF concept tbh


Five Nights at Freddy’s.


IM SO PISSED OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT TO EAT SWEETS AND CHOCOLATE BUT THERE ARE NONE IN THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOVIANS: GET IN THE TARDIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRAB YOUR SWIMSUITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOMESTUCK


Odd Romeo and Juliet Tumblr Posts


look at this sick sunset


where them glow blogs at